Men’s Reserve Chronograph Blue Dial Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch 6897

Written by Steven Barker If you’re looking for a stainless steel watch with a bold design that will get you noticed look no further than the Men’s Reserve Chronograph Blue Dial Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch 6897. The brushed silver-toned stainless steel gives off a bold masculine design and captures the eye. A luminous blue dial.. read more →

Invicta Russian Diver Black Ion Plated Quartz 594 Watch Review

by Erin Brogan Do you want to feel smarter by the second? With the Men’s Invicta Russian Diver Purple Carbon Fiber Dial Black Rubber& Black Ion Plated Quartz 594 Watch, you can start your new “smart” look off right. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, has been seen on multiple occasions wearing his Invicta Russian.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Watch 554

Written by: Stacy McCullough Invicta has been around for the ages – since the mid 1800s in fact. Because of this you know they can make a watch that speaks to you and strangers. Invicta creates men’s watches that are large masterpieces,  not just watches, but ones with function and a wow factor. One of.. read more →

Invicta 0197 Men’s Reserve Bolt Chronograph

Written by: Stacy McCullough Invicta makes a great line of watches for men. If you are a man with a large frame and a wrist that can handle some weight, then this may be a line you should check out – like the Invicta 0197 Men’s Reserve Bolt Chronograph Watch. The Men’s Reserve watch is.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Midsize Reserve Chronograph 0524

Written by: Stacy McCullough You like Invicta watches, but their men’s line is just way too bulky. You need a watch to fit the average dude – one that will look good and you can dive into deep waters with. Welcome to the 0524 Invicta Men’s Midsize Reserve Chronograph. The Midsize Chronograph is a handmade,.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver 502 Blue Dial Watch Review

Written by: Stacy McCullough Are you looking for a watch to simply tell the time or do you want a watch that can hit the water and swim? This watch does exist and is made by Invicta. Not only is it high functioning, but it is a good looker, too: Invicta Men’s Pro Diver 502... read more →

Invicta 323 Men’s I Force Watch

By: Stacy McCullough  Are you always looking for the time? Do you always grab your cell phone or ask your friends because you can’t find that perfect watch? Sometimes it’s hard to find a watch that is both practical and stylish. With the Invicta 323 Men’s I Force Watch, you can have it all at.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver GMT Quartz 6994

Written by: Holly Troupe The size of wristwatches is getting flat-out absurd. Has mankind’s vision universally deteriorated? Are timepiece manufacturers competing to see who can stuff the maximum number of barely legible sub-dials and embellishments onto one watch face? Well, for those who like their timepieces approximately the same size as bread plates, behold the.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Automatic Pro Diver S2 Stainless Steel 8926OB

Written by: Holly Troupe Those of us with feisty, athletic dispositions are attracted to watches with feisty and athletic amenities. However, the sporting type doesn’t necessarily favor the aggressively synthetic behemoths that clutter today’s market. A timepiece that can withstand strenuous activity while maintaining an element of elegance will surely be appreciated; particularly if the.. read more →

Men’s Coalition Forces Black Perforated Dial Chronograph Titanium Chronograph 0671

Written By, Preston Moore Upon arrival, the watch comes in a nice stainless steel case marked with the Invicta logo. One of the most important aspects of any timepiece, is the level of comfort one should expect from their accessory. This watch is made of solid titanium. The titanium does a good job protecting against the.. read more →