24 Dec 2011

Invicta-0006 Black Leather Watch

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Written by: Aidan Noda

Invicta-0006-BLK Front View

The face of simple beauty

Finding an affordable decent watch for that special man in your life is no easy task. In a sea of watches filled with G-Shocks and Rolex’s, it is hard to find an original looking watch that looks and feels great. Well ladies and gentlemen look no further, the Invicta-0006 Black Leather Watch is the perfect gift for any man who wants a sleek new timepiece without needing to mortgage the house just to afford it. This watch was designed for the every day kind of guy who needs just a little bit of style and a great deal of dependability with their watch.

This timepiece has a mother of pearl dial with a genuine black leather strap. The bottom of the watch strap is brown with an imprint that boldly states the genuine leather guarantee. The back of the watch is a standard silver with an engraving of the Invicta logo. The watch strap also has the Invicta logo strategically placed on it, so everyone can see the stylish brand name that you choose to wear.

View of the Invicta-0006-BLK Back

Notice the bold Invicta logo on the bottom of the watch

The front dial window is made from flame-fused crystal, which is a process that uses high heat to fuse sapphire and mineral crystals together into one single material. Most watches use a material that is sapphire coated mineral crystals for the watch window. This would seem like the best method as sapphire is highly scratch resistant and mineral crystals are impact resistant, but it is not. Over time the adhesion between the two materials (sapphire and mineral crystals) come apart in a process known as delamination. When delamination occurs the top layer of the material comes apart while taking the layer it is connected to with it.  With Invicta’s patented flame-fusion technology this is no longer a problem as the two materials are combined together making delamination impossible.

A Non-Flame Fused Watch

Say goodbye to broken watches with Invicta's Flame-Fusion Technology time will never stop again

The front face of the watch also features an indicator for the day of the month that it is. This can be very convenient for the active man who has trouble remembering the date. This indicator is placed strategically at the 3 o’clock position, so you will always be prepared for that important office meeting or remembering that special anniversary. This timepiece has water resistant capabilities up to 165 feet or 50 meters for you non-Americans. This is an impressive amount making this watch suitable for divers and swimmers alike.

The Invicta-0006 is a timeless class and would be appreciated by any individual that is concerned about staying stylish on a budget. The black leather watch band with the white stitching is a very subtle yet classy addition to the watch. Each watch is hand crafted by Swiss watchmakers in workshops. Active people will appreciate the added water resistance or if you are just a reckless or careless sort of guy you will start to wonder why all watches don’t offer this feature. You can get this timepiece for the reasonable price of $495 at retail price. You would have to be crazy to pass up on this good deal since the quality of this watch is outstanding.



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