12 Mar 2012

Invicta 0197 Men’s Reserve Bolt Chronograph

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Written by: Stacy McCullough Invicta makes a great line of watches for men. If you are a man with a large frame and a wrist that can handle some weight, then this may be a line you should check out – like the Invicta 0197 Men’s Reserve Bolt Chronograph Watch.

The Men’s Reserve watch is made from a sturdy stainless steel case. While it makes the watch strong and masculine, it also makes it rather hefty. The case is fifty millimeters wide and seventeen millimeters thick. When you are checking the time, you’ll notice the face is made with stainless steel as well. The minute and hour hands are outlined with black and the second hand is all black. This may make it slightly difficult for you to read because of the silver and black dials in the center of the face as well. The 0197 has a flame fusion face covering that is the best of the best. It is superior to sapphire, making it even more scratch resistant so you can drop your watch at will. The date is also displayed and with Swiss Quartz movement you always know the right time. Quartz is extremely accurate so you will know when to be on time and when it’s the right time to make a fashionably late entrance. Though the Reserve has a stainless steel bezel plated with black ion, it is stationary. Because of the size, it gets a little uncomfortable. This is a small flaw in design on Invicta’s part. One of the best parts of the watch though, is the ability to chronograph. You have a clock, the date and a stopwatch all in one! The Chronograph stays on your wrist with a simple thirty-millimeter wide black polyurethane band that is standard length. The band is made so the case gets all the attention. This Invicta watch retails for $1,995 because of its place in the Reserve line. Get it while it lasts.


  • 660ft Water Resistant
  • Chronograph
  • Buckle Clasp


  • Heavy
  • Large Case
  • Huge Bezels can be Uncomfortable

The large Invicta Men’s line watch is not going to be for everyone. Its size will not fit every body frame. And many men won’t want to carry a heavy watch throughout the day. Similar models are the 0361, 0927 and 1476. But if you have a large frame, want a signature watch to wear once in awhile, or love diving, Invicta’s 0197 Men’s Reserve Bolt Chronograph Watch may be just what you need.

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