20 Jun 2012

Invicta Corduba Oversized Chronograph Men’s Watch 3449 Review

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Written by: Cathy Tenzo


Let’s face it–sometimes size really does matter, and the Invicta Corduba Oversized Chronograph Men’s Watch 3449 is a quality men’s chronograph with an audacity of scale that is not for the faint of heart or the small of wrist. This is a great choice for the man that wants a timepiece that’s truly massive with the added bonus of chronograph features.





  • Precise Japanese-quartz movement
  • 52 mm, stainless steel case
  • Mineral crystal
  • Black leather watchband, 9 inches long
  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)
  • List price: $495

The Invicta Corduba Oversized Chronograph Men’s Watch 3449 is more than huge–“ludricously huge,” as one reviewer described it–it’s also handsome. A brushed stainless steel case is attached to a black leather watch band. The face is a nice cream color with a gridded background reminiscent of an elegant dress shirt. Two small dials are centered down the middle of the face. These display seconds and minutes, and a curved date window is placed off to the side. The numbers are labelled at eight, four, and twelve, which makes for an uncluttered display, and the flying wings of the Invicta logo balance out the watch face.

This watch has many online reviews, and most men seem to be very happy with it once they get used to its enormity. Invicta has a lot of fans for the sheer scale of some of their timepieces, and many feel that they couldn’t go back to something smaller. The mechanism gets positive reviews as well. Most people report that the movement works fine, although there is some worry that this is a Japanese and not a Swiss movement. The mineral crystal is not quite as strong as a sapphire or flame-fusion crystal, but there were no reports of casual breakage. Some testers do say that they had trouble with the stopwatch not always resetting to zero on its own after a while. You can reset it yourself, but as the manual is not easy to follow, this might be an annoyance. Invicta’s customer service is lauded, so you should be able to get help if you need to make any adjustments.

Photo of the TW Steel Canteen Stainless Steel Men’s Chronograph Watch TW5

This TW Steel watch is large, but not nearly as massive as the Invicta Corduba

Most of the main gripes about this watch are related to its size. Some gentleman have trouble sliding it under their shirt cuffs because it’s thick as well as almost two and a half inches wide. Other guys say they have no trouble, so this is something you’ll have to test for yourself. The watch band can be a little stiff, and I find it a little odd that it’s only nine inches long, considering the scale of the watch face. If your wrist is broad enough for a watch this large, you might need a longer band. You can find a longer band to place on the watch, but again, is it worth it to you?  If you like the color and look of the watch, but need something smaller, you might try the TW Steel Canteen Men’s Chronograph Watch TW5. At 45 mm, this is still a large watch, but it’s quite a bit smaller than the Invicta Corduba.

Photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Action film star Arnold Schwarzenegger loves the scale of Invicta’s larger watches




The last important detail to note is the price. This Invicta Corduba lists for $495, but it can currently be found at Amazon for about $100, and similar deals abound across the web. Chat boards say that Invicta has high list prices but immediately discounts their products as a sales strategy. Go armed with this knowledge, and do not pay list price for this watch.

The Invicta Corduba Oversized Chronograph Men’s Watch 3449 is a really impressive watch for the price, and it should be a reliable one, too. You’ll likely have to deal with some hassles, but it may be worth it to wear something this showy for about a hundred dollars. Just ask yourself–can I wear something this massive? Am I ready live large? Only you know if you’re big enough to rise to the challenge.

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