16 Jan 2012

Invicta Men’s 0008-ACUA Pro Diver Silver Dial Turquoise Leather Watch Review

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Written by:Jean Hamilton.

Are you looking for a good quality watch with style? If so, consider Invicta Men’s 0008-ACUA Pro Diver Silver Turquoise Leather watch. This watch has a turquoise leather strap with a stainless steal case. The design gives it a unique look and it provides accurate time. The watch has the ability to give the date of the month and is water resistant. The watch keeps you on time with its Swiss quartz technology. The watch has a silver case and silver hands. This watch is ideal for a business man because it offers a stunning style and you will grab attention from the unique wrist band.

Additional Features: 

  • Swiss quartz technology
  • Keeps time accurate
  • Water resistance to 160 feet
  • Silver on silver watch

This watch has alligator print on the wrist band along with it’s turquoise colored leather strap. It’s style can express your wild personality with the animal print. If you have a unique and wild personality then this watch would suit you. However, it you just like the unique style of it  is sure to grab attention from others. If water happens to splash on your watch, you will be safe because the watch is water resistant up to 160 feet.


  • Unique looking watch
  • Goes well with a business suit
  • Safe from water
  • Scratch resistant
  • Durable wrist strap
  • Built to last watch


  • The watch is larger than most men’s watches so it can be too large and uncomfortable for some men.
  • It can not take as much water as the other watches in this collection can.

The disadvantage of this watch is that it is not as water resistant as other watches in the Invicta collection.However, it does offer durability and ideal for a business man or someone who doesn’t plan on working out with this watch on. Another plus is that its scratch resistant so it will maintain its flawless design.

If  this watch doesn’t meet your needs, then Invicta has other watches in the Pro diver collection. For instance, Invicta has a watch that is in the same collection and its 0008 black watch. The 0008 black watch features a black leather wrist band and it has a silver case. If the turquoise strap with alligator print is too risky for you then this watch will suit your style. Also, Invict has another watch that includes the same model number and in the same collection but the wrist strap is red in color. Depending on your style, you can choose from red,turquoise,or black in this collection of watches.

The Invicta Men’s 0008-ACUA Pro Diver Silver Dial Turquoise Leather watch retails for 495.00. This watch offers a unique design and can show off your wild personality with the alligator print. This watch will add style to your casual clothing or add an additional accessory with a business suit. If you want to bring out your wild side then consider this watch.

Back view of watch

Back view of watch


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