18 Jan 2012

Invicta Men’s 0071 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

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Written by:Jean Hamilton.

Are you currently searching for a watch that has a bold striking look? If so, consider Invicta Men’s 0071 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch. This watch is stainless steal and silver in color. It keeps time accurate with it’s Swiss quartz movement. The watch features a comfortable wrist band bracelet and has a clasp for its durability. The watch displays the time with a silver background and in analog. This watch will go along with any casual outfit. You will grab attention with  this watch on because of its stunning silver colors.

Additional Features:

  • Keeps time accurate
  • Water resistant up to 660 feet
  • Has a bracelet wrist band for comfort
  • Watch is built to last

A great feature that this watch has to offer is that it is water resistant up to 660 feet. You will not need to worry about damaging your watch if you  drop it down the sink or get water on it.  If you plan on wearing your watch for long periods of time, this watch features a comfortable wrist band. Another great feature is that the watch is good quality and will last for a long time.


  • Great looking watch
  • Matches well with casual outfits
  • Great quality
  • Excellent wrist band


  • The wrist band can be uncomfortable for men with smaller wrist.

A disadvantage of this watch is that it is larger than most men watches. If you are not use to wearing heavy watches than  it will take you a few days to get used to wearing it. However, it is a good quality watch because the wrist band is stainless steel and has a clasp to secure it around your wrist. A huge plus is that this watch will match any outfit.

If you are finding that this watch doesn’t meet your needs then I would like to introduce to a few other Invicta watches that are in the Pro Diver collection. Invicta has a watch, 0076, that has the same features of this watch the only difference is that the watches are different in color. The 0076 watch is all black so if you dislike silver then that could be the watch for you. Whereas, Invicata’s 6996 watch has a polyurethane wrist band and it is all black. That watch is ideal for you if you have an athletic lifestyle.

Invicta Men’s 0071 Pro Diver collection chronograph stainless steel watch retails for 595.00. This watch is worth the money because it offers accuracy and durability. It offers a casual look while at the same time has a captivating style. This watch is ideal for someone who dresses casual. With you strutting this watch around your wrist, you will grab everyone’s attention and be prepared to receive complements on it.

Back View of Watch

Back view of watch

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