16 Jan 2012

Invicta Men’s 467 Pro Diver Automatic Black Polyurethane Watch Review

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Written by:Jean Hamilton

Are you searching for a military watch?  If so, consider Invicta Men’s 467 Pro Diver Automatic Black Polyurethane Watch. This timepiece offers a casual look along with telling military time. It uses Japanese movement to provide you with accurate time. It has a stainless steal case and black polyurethane wrist band. It buckles around your wrist for comfort. It never needs batteries and it is scratch resistant. If you drop the watch in water by mistake you will not have to worry because it is water proof. This watch offers a stunning look and you will turn heads with it on.

Additional Features:

  • No  batteries needed
  • Keeps  time accurate
  • Wrist band has a clasp
  • The strap is polyurethane for comfort and durability

An advantage of this watch is that you will never have to buy batteries so you will always have the time without the worry of the batteries dying. Secondly, it is water resistance up to 330 feet which assures you your watch will not get damage if it does get a splash of water on it. The stainless steal is scratch resistant to help the watch maintain its style.  It’s black in color to go along with all of your casual clothing.


  • Good quality wrist band
  • Durable case
  • Great casual looking watch
  • Cost efficient


  • The watch is larger than most watches and can be uncomfortable around your wrist.
  • It is not made for diving because it can get damaged if exposed to a large amount of water

The disadvantage of this watch is that it is called Pro diver but it is not made for diving and swimming. It is made for a casual man who plans on wearing the watch to work and on everyday errands. The watch is water resistant up to 330 feet so anything past that can damage the watch. Despite the disadvantages, this watch is built to last.

If you do not like the style of this watch, Invicta has other watches in the pro diver collection. For example, Invicta has a 479 watch in the pro diver collection that is silver and it offers a sleek look and has the same features of this watch just a different style. On the other hand, Invicta has the men’s watch 480 in the same collection but is all silver with a bracelet strap in comparison to this watch because it has a polyurethane strap.If you are more  athletic than you may want to lean towards this watch because of the straps.

Invicta Men’s 467 Pro Diver Automatic Black Polyurethane watch retails for 475.00. This watch is worth the price because it offers accuracy and good quality. This watch is ideal for a man who is laid back and dresses in casual clothing. However, this watch could also work for an athletic man. So whether you are athletic or casual, consider adding this watch to your daily fashion routine.


Back view of watch

Back view of watch

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