23 Feb 2012

Invicta Men’s 6993 Pro Diver Collection GMT Blue Dial Black Polyurethane Watch

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Back view of watch

Back view of watch

Written by:Jean Hamilton

Are you looking for a watch that will give you complements and strike up a conversation? If so, consider Invicta Men’s 6993 Pro Diver Collection Gmt Blue Dial Black Polyurethane Watch. This watch is 18k gold along with a stainless steal case. The watch keeps time accurate with the function of Swiss quartz movement. It also has a wrist band made out of polyurethane for durability. The wrist band is ideal if you are an athletic man.  With this watch ,you can stay in shape and be on time without the hassle of the watch wearing out on you.

Additional Features:

  • Has the ability to show the date of the month
  • Water resistant up to 330 feet
  • Stretch resistant case
  • Time is displayed like a sundial

The watch has a scratch resistant case because it’s made out of minerals that are crystal to provide you with a good quality case for the watch. Secondly, the watch’s strap is polyurethane which offers  comfort for prolong uses. Another advantage, is that it’s water resistant so if you mistakenly expose the watch to water it will be safe up to 330 feet. After all, everyone makes mistakes so that is why the watch features a safety cap to prevent water from coming in.


  • Durable wrist strap
  • Has a laid back but athletic look
  • Safe from water


  • It;s bigger than most men’s watches
  • Can be heavy on the wrist

The disadvantage of this watch is that is it larger than most men’s watches and for some men it can be uncomfortable because it could feel like you have a weight around your wrist. However, some men adapt just fine to the size of the watch after a few days of wearing it. On the other hand, this watch offers a cool blue color that will make you fall in love with the style of it.

If you are looking to explore other watches, then consider other watches in Invicta’s Pro Diver collection. Invicta makes a watch in this collection that is called Invicta Men’s 6991 pro diver and it is gold and black but has the same feature’s of this watch. So,if you are not into the color blue then that could be the watch for you. Next, Invicta makes a watch in the same collection and the number is 6996 and is black on black and it will go along with any outfit in your closet and can either be for an athletic man or a business man. Whereas, this watch is made for athletic wear.

Invicta Men’s 6993 Pro Diver Collection Gmt Blue Dial Black Polyurethane watch retails for 695.00. This watch is worth the cost because of it’s durability and accuracy. It offers a casual look with the blue color and at the same time has the ability to last to meet the demands of a man who is athletic.  If you want your watch to be the center of attention then consider giving it a try.

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