03 Feb 2012

Invicta Men’s 8927 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

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Written by:Jean Hamilton

Are you searching for a watch that doesn’t run on batteries? Well, Invicta’s Men’s 8927 Pro Diver Collection Automatic watch does not run on batteries. Watches with automatic movements work by powering the watch with the swinging of your arms to provide energy to to keep the watch going.You will never have to worry about spending money on batteries with this watch.

Additional Features:

  • Doesn’t need a battery
  • It is stainless-steel and has a 23k gold case
  • The watch has a dial that is black
  • The watch has the ability to show the day and date of the week
  • Water resistant  to 660 feet(200 m)

This watch also features a  cap that prevents water from coming in. This makes the watch water resistance in case you accidentally drop it. This Invicta watch has 21 jewels and 23k yellow gold plating that makes it an elegant look. This watch is also  resistant to shock.


  • Impressive looks
  • Well made design
  • Works well in and out of water


  • Is a heavy watch

Because this watch has a sturdy built, it can be heavy on your wrist compared to most watches. However, it is a durable watch and does not need batteries. It has a flawless look and will match any outfit.

Invicta offers other watches in this collection,including:

  • Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Two-Tone Automatic Watch-stainless steal  case and blue diaI
  • Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Automatic WatchStainless-steel case and black dial
  • Invicta Men’s 0420 Pro Diver Automatic Black Dial Titanium Watch– brushed titanium case and bracelet


Compared to the other watches in this collection, this watch offers a different look because it is 23k gold and has a black strap to match all of your outfits. The watch and band are high quality and built for durability.The design is both sporty and durable enough to wear on a daily basis, and can be worn  with a suit. This watch retails for 314 dollars and is well worth the price since it doesn’t need batteries. It is also water resistance. This watch is worth your money. The only downside is that you will be able to tell you have a watch on because it is heavy but good quality. It powers the watch by the movement of your arm and it will help you save money since batteries are not needed. So if you are on the search for a perfect watch, well consider the Invicta Men’s 8927 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch.

Back view of the watch

Back view of the watch


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