28 Dec 2011

Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Mechanical Blue Polyurethane and Stainless Steel Mechanical Watch 1089

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Written by: Aidan Noda

The face of the Invicta Men's 1089

The future blue of a better you.

The bigger the better right? Well, if you are Invicta then that may just be the case with their successful series of Russian Diver watches, the Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Mechanical Blue Polyurethane and Stainless Steel Mechanical Watch 1089 is no exception. When you want to make a bold statement and if your motto is to live life large then this timepiece is perfect for you.

The Russian Diver watches are a series of watches based on the old timepieces commissioned by the Russian Navy in the mid 20th Century. These timepieces were designed large, so that divers could wear them over their wet suits. The Invicta line of Russian Diver watches are replica’s of the old Russian watches, but that doesn’t mean that they are a cheap imitation. These timepieces still are water proof up to 165 feet. If you notice on the side the crown of the watch also has a water tight seal attached to it. This may make the watch appear bigger, but it adds a very nice cool factor to it. The seal is connected to the watch face with a chain, which is a very interesting touch. Everyone around you will be amazed by your unique fashion choice.

The bezel also takes some cues from the past with its coin-edge design. This was actually something that was used in the days of the Romans when they used gold coins as currency. People would shave off the edges of the coins, because then they would have enough gold shavings to make a new coin over time. The Roman officials did not approve of this and decided to produce coins with edges, so that you could tell if someone tampered with the coins. Invicta is a brand that will bring you prosperity and the coin-edged bezel now serves as a stylish additional feature to your watch.

The bottom of the Invicta Men's 1089

Not many companies let you see the inner workings of their watches. Now that's confidence!

The timepiece is very fashionable with its deep blue watch strap and inside bezel. This blue evokes the deep vastness of the sea and the silver interior creates a timeless mysterious feel as well. The watch at the 12 o’clock position showcases the standard Russian diver image above Invicta lettering. This is one watch that you won’t be afraid to wear around town.

At the 9 o’clock mark there is a nice subtle addition of a 60 second subdial in yellow. This is a feature that is very easily missed at first glance, but it may prove handy to the busy man on the go. The watch also features a very unique back where it is clear on the bottom. You can see the inside mechanics of the watch from the face and the back of it, which is a refreshing welcome addition. Your coworkers will be amazed by how smooth this timepiece moves. Note this watch is not an automatic one, you will have to hand wind it every day. However, that is benefit as you can guarantee that your watch will always be the most accurate out of everyone you know.

The build of this piece is extremely sturdy as well. The face of it uses flame-fusion crystals to reinforce it. This guarantees that it will be shock and scratch resistant over time. This is good, because you will spend a lot of time wearing this gorgeous watch.

The Invicta Mens 1089, would be welcome in any man’s collection; however, individuals with small wrists should be careful. It may be in your best interest to look at this watch in person first, because its size is truly staggering. Only real men will be able to wear this watch, boy’s hope to grow, because watches this stylish are hard to come by.

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