13 Mar 2012

Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Watch 554

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Written by: Stacy McCullough Invicta has been around for the ages – since the mid 1800s in fact. Because of this you know they can make a watch that speaks to you and strangers. Invicta creates men’s watches that are large masterpieces,  not just watches, but ones with function and a wow factor. One of these watches is Invicta Men’s Russian Diver Watch 554.

The Russian Diver is an extremely large watch; the case measure in at a diameter of fifty-two millimeters. It is a large fifteen millimeters thick and made from stainless steel. While stainless steel is great – its extremely forgivable against everyday wear – it is also rather heavy. For a watch that is going to sit on your wrist, many men may say that this is too much. If you have a smaller frame, you’ll definitely want to check out something else. The dial is a beautiful shade of blue that includes a silver hour and minute hands along with a second hand. There is also a date function so you will know if it’s the third or the fifth along with the time. You’ll have to plan on being on time to everything because Cartier made this watch with Swiss Quartz Movement. You won’t have to worry about doing any winding because the quartz does it for you – too accurately to believe. The face is also luminous, which is good because with a water-resistance of up to 330 feet you’ll need some glow to read the time! There is a crown on the 554 that is actually a little too big because of its crown protector. This can dig into your hand and cause some issues for many men. The watch is brought together with a rubber strap that is standard length and twenty-six millimeters thick. It stays on your wrist with a buckle clasp, which you’ll need with the weight of this watch.


  • Extremely Quiet
  • Water Resistant 330ft
  • Good Quality


  • Not Practical
  • Strap Too Small for Larger Wrist
  • Crown Protector Painful

The Russian Diver retails for $895; if you are looking for a more practical watch, but love Invicta, try out the 1440, 0564 or 5861.  The 0554 is an extremely large watch that really is not suitable for day to day wear for most men. The weight and bulk make it too uncomfortable. But if you want a watch that you put on now and then to grab attention, Invicta Men’s Russian Diver 554 watch is a good option for the price.

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