13 Aug 2012

Invicta Men’s Sea Spider Chronograph Champagne Dial 18K Gold Plated& Black Polyurethane Chronograph (1478)

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Written By: Oliver Hong

There’s something about a gold watch that gives the wearer a sense of class, but in a world of stainless steel watches, the gold watch is slowly trudging towards the realm of “Tacky”. However, Invicta’s 18 karat gold plated Sea Spider Chronograph watch has found a way to make the gold watch stylish again. This gold sports watch combines gold with a modern design for a new take on the gold watch.

This watch features:

  • 18 karat Gold plated stainless steel
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • 200 meter water resistance
  • Subdials track 60 minutes, 60 seconds and 1/10ths of a second
  • Date display at 3:00

The first thing that you notice about this watch is that the gold is not the usual gleaming gold that you expect a gold watch to have. It has a more subtle coloring, which gives it more of a champagne -like color. There’s just as much black as gold on this watch, the band, the case, and the face all have hints of black to accent the gold. However, the gold makes enough of a statement with the black without one taking over the other. This subtle look may not impress many people who are looking for a more traditional-looking gold watch, but for people who want a gold watch that doesn’t try to be too flashy, this watch is a winner.

The gold Band has the same black accents as the face.

The black and gold theme seeps into the face of the watch as well. The two subdials in the middle of the face, while the one on the side is gold, further reinforcement of the theme the watch is displaying. The dials are easy to read, and accent the gold face quite nicely.

This watch’s face is huge. It’s 48.4 diameter face insures that people are going to notice your watch. However, this may not be for everyone. The large face tends to move away from the subtle accents and colors of this watch, so if large faced watches aren’t your style, you may want to look elsewhere.

As with other Invicta watches, this sports watch comes with a 1 year warranty, with the option of upgrading to a 5 year warranty for $25 more. This warranty protects against any kind of breakdown or defect in the movement of the watch.

If you’re willing to overlook the large face of this watch, you’ll find yourself with a gold watch that has a place in casual affairs as well as formal events.

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  1. I have a blue one and I love it. Was fairly cheap too.

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