07 Feb 2012

Invicta Men’s Subaqua GMT Blue Dial Black Polyurethane and Stainless Steel Quartz 778

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Well look what we have here. Another fine Invicta watch! Oh, what is this? The subaqua collection. Invicta, just makes some super spiffy diving watches now don’t they? This watch looks sporty, but I think it always says I am a cool guy who knows how to do business, but I also like to kick it and party. Awesome! Maybe this is the dream watch you have searched for your whole life. But then again it could also be another disappointment, just like the one before. However, before you let true love slip from your grasp let us look at what the┬áInvicta Men’s Subaqua GMT Blue Dial Black Polyurethane and Stainless Steel Quartz 778 has to offer.

The overall design and color scheme is cooler than a cucumber chilling on the other side of the pillow. We got a mix of polyurethane and stainless steel all over the bracelet. This is in contrast to the sexy blue-steel look we are getting from the face of this fusion flame crystal face which is like a blue ocean of dreams. Swiss made. 500 meter water resistant. Quartz. I am practically hyperventilating.

Like a lot of the cooler watches out there this watch is big, but not in a compensating for something else kind of way. It’s big because that is just the way it is, and things will always be the same. 50 mm diameter is no joke, but this watch is pulling it off and so can you.

It is difficult to say who exactly this watch is for. I imagine a guy named Bill, originally from the midwest would wear this watch. He was kind of a wild child in his younger days, but now has a wife, two kids, a dog, and a yard. He works down at the job factory calculating numbers and maths. He’s a work-a-day Joe-everybody that this country should be proud of. And he likes to adventure. He’s a sporty fella who goes on dives, long bike rides, and camping trips. This is the type of sporty watch he needs for his lifestyle. If you are like Bill, you probably are thinking well, this is a no brainer, of course I need a sporty watch like this. So if this describes you, go ahead and pick yourself up one of these beauties.

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