14 Feb 2012

Invicta Men’s Subaqua Noma IV Chronograph 18kt Gold Plated Stainless Steel Watch 6553

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Written by: Laura Barber

If diving, adventuring or just looking impressive is your forte, then the Invicta Men’s Subaqua Noma IV Chronograph 18kt Gold Plated Stainless Steel Watch 6553 may just be the timepiece for you. Boasting the size to match the length of its name and the durability to withstand almost anything, this watch is sure to keep you in style and on track whether you’re scaling Mt. Everest or exploring the depths of the ocean.

Measuring a little more than ¾” thick and 50mm wide, this is not a watch for the faint of heart. Designed mainly for divers, it is water-resistant to 1,640 feet (50 meters) and has a screw-down case back for extra protection against leaks. The scratch-resistant flame fusion crystal and the surgical quality stainless steel used in the case and bracelet make sure that no matter how intense the activity, this piece is up to the task. Even though the Invicta Subaqua collection is more of a practical line of watches, geared towards people who spend most of their time on (or in) the ocean, this model is stylish enough that it transitions easily from the field into the office.

Subaqua Noma IV Automatic 0521 Men's Watch

The Subaqua Noma IV Automatic 0521 offers many of the same features as the 6553 but with a smaller size and clutter-free dial.

And if you want neat features, it’s got them:
• Swiss-quartz movement
• 18-karat gold plating
• Day and date display
• Chronograph function with 60 second, 30 minute and 1/10 of a second subdials
• Glow in the dark hands—especially useful during a deep dive
• Unidirectional outer bezel
• Tachymeter on the inner bezel
• Protective cap on crown
• Comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty

While this watch is great at what it’s designed to do, there are some things you might want to think about before buying it. Frankly, this is one huge watch, and with its size comes its weight. For you guys who prefer something that sits lightly on the wrist, or if your wrist itself is on the thinner side, then this model may be too heavy and overpowering for your taste. Additionally, while the chronograph aspect ups the cool-factor for some, it may be a little confusing for others to read. Or if you prefer a dial that isn’t so cluttered, then the presence of a chronograph function might just be a deal-breaker. The Subaqua Noma IV Automatic 0521 offers both a smaller size and a dial free of clutter, while maintaining many of the same features found in the 6553.

After searching through the Invicta website, I noticed that there was no way to order directly through them online. So, if you are the kind of person who prefers purchasing straight from the manufacturer, you may be hard pressed to do so, unless there is an Invicta retail store within a comfortable driving distance of your neighborhood. However, if you’re not picky about where you get this watch, it is available on Amazon.com for $419.99, a considerably lower amount than the $2,495 manufacturer’s price.

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