28 Aug 2012

Invicta Russian Diver Quinotaur Chronograph Blue Rubber Chronograph (4580)

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Written By: Oliver Hong

If you’re looking for a diving watch that’s still within a reasonable price range, you should give the Invicta 4580 a try. It’s a highly functional watch for both diving and casual wear. It’s a great watch that’s been seen on the wrist on the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This watch features:

  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Stainless steel case
  • Date, Second and minute subdials
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters

The most interesting thing about this watch’s design are the 3 large numerals in the middle of the face also serve as a place for the subdials. The idea is sound, you don’t notice the dials until you look closer at it, and realize that there are small hands in the middle of each number, and tiny numbers to mark down the seconds and minutes.

The subdials have an interesting and unique design, but their usefulness is hindered by their size. The tiny numbers are hard to read, and the hands are barely noticable. The function is severely hindered by it’s form. It’s an interesting, eye catching watch, but the three large numerals in the middle of the watch face is either going to make you fall in love with this watch, or hate it with a passion.

The usefulness of this watch as a diving watch is also questionable. It can only survive 300 feet underwater. If you need something that can survive deep-sea diving range depths, you might want to shell out some more money for something more well built. It’s bezel also doesn’t move, which makes this watch more of a sports watch than a diving watch.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, action movie star and governor Califiornia, seems to like this watch. You can see him sporting it posing for a picture on Esquire. So if you think that a watch good for the govinator is good for you, it’s worth having a look.

Arnold Schwarzengger poses on the cover of Esquire, wearing his invicta 4580.

Overall, the Invicta 4580 has a few flaws that keep it from being the first choice for a cheap diving watch, but if you’re willing to overlook it’s shortcomings (and willing to squint to see the subdials), then this watch will certainly cater to your timekeeping needs.

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