02 Jul 2012

Invicta Specialty Blue Dial Men’s Watch 11414 Review

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Written by: Cathy Tenzo


Invicta is known for making stylish luxury watches at affordable prices, and if you’re shopping for style, you can’t go wrong with the Invicta Specialty Blue Dial Men’s Watch 11414. This a watch that kicks it up a notch, so you look good while you get the functions you need. It’s also got a subtle secret–it might look black to the quick glance, but it’s actually a dark shade of navy blue. Everyone will be looking twice to try to figure out why you look so sharp.




  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Brushed and polished stainless steel case
  • Flame-fusion crystal
  • Dark blue dial with Roman numerals
  • Dark blue leather band
  • Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)
  • 44 millimeter case
  • List  price: $495

The Invicta Specialty Blue Dial Men’s Watch 11414 is handsome because of its details. The stainless steel case contrasts nicely with the dark navy band, and the leather has a large crocodile texture that keeps it from looking too plain. The center of the dark blue face is empty except for the hands and the Invicta logo. Three concentric rings circle that–one has large Roman numerals to mark the hours, one has markers so that you’ll be able to tell time to the second, and the third has the seconds marked in regular intervals in Arabic numerals. You’ve got everything you need, and the whole display is balanced and beautiful. You won’t find a date display window here, so you’ll have to decide whether the merits of the design outweigh the loss of data. They might, as you can easily find that information on your cell phone.

Photo of the Ulysse Nardin San Marco Blue Men's Watch 8150-111-2/23

A very blue watch

The timepiece has a flame-fusion crystal, so it should be resistant to scratches and shattering. A lot of luxury watches have a sapphire crystal, and while that sounds fancier, Invicta claims that this man made option is more durable. The movement is quartz, so you should be on time. Some people have concerns that Invicta watches are lower quality because of the price point, but most purchasers seem very happy with their Invictas. The manuals are apparently hard to follow, but their customer service is reputedly excellent, so if you have any trouble you can talk to someone who will assist you. Since this is a streamlined watch without a stopwatch, you’ll probably do fine on your own. Some consumers may also be intimidated by the size of the watch. At a diameter of 44 mm, it’s certainly not the largest watch on the market, but the scale is sizable, so make sure you can handle a watch that big before you order one of these. While this is a fabulous watch, you might decide you need the date window, and you might actually want a timepiece that’s more noticeably blue. The Ulysse Nardin San Marco Blue Men’s Watch 8150-111-2/23 might be a good choice for you. It’s quite blue with a similar style, and you can find it online for as low as $259.

Photo of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger likes Invicta watches

There is one further important consideration when you are purchasing this watch, and that’s price. Most of us are willing to pay for a quality watch, but we certainly don’t want to pay more than the other guy. Invicta has a reputation for pricing their watches high and selling them low, so make sure to comparison shop before you purchase. Do not pay list price for an Invicta, or you will be paying too much.

The Invicta Specialty Blue Dial Men’s Watch 11414 is a great value for the money. This is a watch to wear with pride, and that little something extra to take your wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary. Beware, though. This is a watch that will get you noticed. Behave accordingly.








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