22 Dec 2011

Invicta Watch Tool Kit ITK002 Review

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Yellow synthetic leather case of watch repair tools open to show tools and instructions

Invicta Watch Tool Kit ITK002

Written by: Kimberly Lavoie

Tired of taking your nice watches to the jewelry store and paying someone else to change the battery or adjust the band? Just finding the time to get to the store makes this a chore. Invicta has developed a Watch Took Kit (ITK002) just for you! With these tools, a little skill, and patience you can do it yourself. Housed in a synthetic leather box, this tool kit has many tools you need to maintain and service your fine watches.

The kit includes:

Top view of the Invicta watch repair tool kit bright yellow case

The Invicta Tool Kit Case with logo

  • band opener
  • case opener
  • pin remover
  • jeweler’s hammer, punch pins and stand
  • five jeweler’s screwdrivers

All of the tools are stored handily in a bright yellow synthetic leather case with a two snap closure. The case coordinates with the Invicta watch box, including the logo. It’s slim design (12″ L x 1.5″ H x 5.5″ W) will stow away easily in your tool drawer or luggage, and the bright yellow will make it easy to spot when you need a quick repair. Instructions for each tool are printed inside the case so you won’t misplace them in between repairs. Available online for $34-80, the kit will pay for itself in just a few uses. The tool kit concept follows Invicta’s mission of attracting the spend-thrifty watch enthusiast.

Many reviewers on other sites were skeptical that these tools could be good quality considering the low price – until they tried the kit. Most were pleasantly surprised at the durability and ease of use. A similar kit Paylak TSA9005 has only four screwdrivers. One could also consider the Invicta Watch Sizing tool, but this only addresses the band sizing problem. The full ITK002 tool kit lets you open the case to change the battery, etc.

Pros: Now you can perform your own watch repairs following the instructions that come with the tool kit. No more spending good time and money taking your watch to the jeweler for a simple adjustment. No more wrestling with tools not made for this important job. All the tools and instructions are kept together in the case so you can be ready to work in just moments.

Cons: You will need to have the skill and confidence to use these tools on your watches. The kit doesn’t include a tool to remove screw down watch backs (often used on dive watches).

So if you’re ready to take matters into your own hands, at least when it comes to watch repairs, this Invicta kit should be an excellent addition to your toolbox.


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