Invicta Watches Buying Tips

Invicta Angel Quartz Watch 1293

Vibrant colors are one thing that set Invicta Angel Quartz watches apart

Written by: Jatinder Sandhu

When buying a sports watch, you want to make sure that it is one of good quality if it has to last through your athletic endeavors.  Invicta offers a series of more affordable luxury watches offering quality features you’d expect on a luxury watch like quartz movement and water resistance varying from 100-300 meters depending on the model.  Invicta is a quality brand that can often be found on sale at various online retailers, but if getting what you paid for is of high importance, beware of deals that seem too good to be true.

How to Spot a Fake Invicta

With materials like rubber and stainless steel being used as the wristband components of a typical Invicta watch, the aesthetics of the watch are easy to replicate. In order to notice the differences between an authentic and fake Invicta watch, you’d take note of the features.  A major appeal of the Invicta watch is its durability as a sports watch, and water-resistant features.  The flame-fusion crystal that adorns an authentic Invicta watch prevents it from shattering–this feature is often skimped out on in a replica.  The last thing you want to happen during your recreational activities is a watch you expected to be durable breaking on you; only buying from a credible Invicta retailer is advisable.

Back view of Invicta Men's Pro Diver Watch

Checking for correctly spelled engraved inscriptions and appropriate markings are the most obvious ways to spot a fake.

If the Invicta watch you are seeking does not come with a warranty, that it is an immediate red flag because Invicta watches are built to last, most offering Japanese quartz movement.  If you are ever unsure of the authenticity of a watch, compare the markings on the face to pictures of the original watch on the manufacturer’s website.  Spelling errors, font styles, the absence of markings, and discrepancies with the size of the hands are things to look out for in a fake.

Where to Buy Your Invicta Watch

These trendy over-sized watches are popular among men and women, and can be found at great deals on the internet.  However, to avoid buying a watch that is a fake since it may be challenging to tell aesthetically, try a reputable seller like  They sell authentic luxury brands like Invicta at wholesale prices, scoring you an amazing deal on your watch of choice.  They have a wide selection of watches, and the customer service department is willing to acquire any watch that is currently not listed on their website.  Certain Invicta Watches are offered at very deep discounts and definitely worth looking into.