13 Jan 2012

Invicta Women’s 0126 II Collection Crystal Accented Stainless Steel Watch

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By: Kevin Hatton

The women’s crystal accented stainless steel watch 0126, from Invicta in their Invicta II collection has a petite 22 mm in diameter case that is 8 mm thick. The analog display is protected by a flame fusion crystal window. The stainless steel bezel is stationary. The dial is white and the movement is provided by Swiss parts quartz. The silver colored stainless steel band has a standard women’s length with a width of 12 mm and has a jewelry style clasp. The watch features a second hand and is water resistant up to 165 feet.

Invicta’s women’s 0126 II collection crystal accented stainless steel watch is, not surprisingly, more like jewelry than the similar men’s offerings from the Invicta II collection with the stationary bezel augmented with Austrian crystals. This watch certainly can be worn decoratively as it is very pretty and elegant. The water resistance of up to 165 feet or 50 meters is merely a superficial feature for this style of watch. However, there may be an issue with the size of the band. The case is less than an inch in diameter which makes it a conducive size for most but the supposed “standard women’s length” measurement offered might be too long. The dainty watch wearer may find themselves removing all the resizing pins before it fits properly. Perhaps more annoying than sizing issues is the that of craftsmanship and quality control. Those pretty Austrian crystals decorating the bezel have been known to fall off, the very petit second hand can break off, and most surprisingly due to the amount of carelessness required to let happen is the watch may come to you already ticking and a rapidly expiring battery. These issues are hopefully just the result of the manufacturer, Invicta, no longer carrying this piece.

The steep mark down in price available from online retailers may only compensate for the lady with decoration over functionality in mind but the watch remains a risky purchase for the lady seeking a practical time piece. Discontinued models like the Invicta II collection women’s crystal accented stainless steel watch model 0126 are going to be available heavily discounted, but with that discount the quality of the product becomes questionable. Unfortunately, due to the manufacturer and the online retailer warranty issues may complicate matters should the watch come in the mail already broken. Just because this watch retailed at a grand and it now sells for a benjamin doesn’t mean the quality is still there. If you are willing to spend a hundred dollars on a watch you may be better off perusing those current models that actually retail at a hundred dollars.

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