18 Jan 2012

Invicta Women’s 0730 Wildflower Collection Diamond Accented Polyurethane Watch

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Written by:Jean Hamilton.

Are you currently searching for a watch that makes a statement?  If you want your elegance and strength to shine through consider making a bold statement by wearing Invicta’s Women’s 730 Wildflower collection Diamond Accented Polyurethane watch.  You will grab the attention of strangers and friends  wearing this watch because it features diamonds, gemstones, and white diamonds in the center  to give you the sparkle you deserve.

The watch has a blue dial with silver-tone hands and hour markers. The wrist band is durable because it is made out of a polyurethane strap and it’s black. If you enjoy looking fabulous, this watch will accessorize any outfit that you are wearing.  It’s fashionable because it has 16 white diamonds on the edges to give your outfit a glamorous look.

You can even take this watch to the gym without worrying about damaging it. The reason being is because it has a flame-fusion crystal window that’s scratch resistance. If you are paranoid about getting the watch wet no need to worry. This watch is Water-resistant to 330 feet.


  • Durable flame-fusion crystal with a  polished stainless steel case and has a black polyurethane strap
  •  Has a 60 second, 30 minute and day of the week  subdials; and can track the date
  • Blue dial with silver-tone hands and hour markers and16 white diamonds around the watch
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 M)

    The wildflower collection

    The Polyurethane wrist band of the watch


  • Durable window
  • Water resistant
  • Durable polyurethane wrist bank with strap


  • The wrist brand can make your wrist sweat because of the polyurethane band.

The advantage of this watch is that if you  drop your watch down the toilet you know it will still work because it is water resistant. However, the disadvantage is if you plan to wear your watch for a prolong period of time the strap can make your wrist sweat especially if you live in hot climates like the desert.

Invicta also offers several other  watches in the Wildflower collection, including:

  • Invicta Women’s 0609 Wildflower Collection Diamond Chronograph Watch: Stainless steel case with silver tone hands.
  • Invicta Women’s 0694 Wildflower Collection Diamond Accented Two-Tone Watch: Polished bracelet with rose hands.
  • Invicta Women’s 0610 Wildflower Collection Diamond Chronograph Watch: Stainless steel case with silver tone hands.

The Invicta Women’s 0730 Wildflower Collection Diamond accented watch retails for $695.00. Compared to the other watches in this collection, It does cost $200 dollars less than this watch. However, this watch is durable and has a strapped wrist band whereas the other watches have a bracelet band . It’s worth the money because it is built to last.  Whether you are into fashion, working out, or enjoy both this watch will sure make you look radiant and on time.


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