22 May 2012

Invicta Women’s 1161 Ceramic White Dial White Ceramic Quartz

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Written by Jerrica Tisdale

Are you a woman who makes others jealous with your clean classy fashion style? Do you like watches that are unique, but still want them to retain classic elements? Do you want luxury  for the price of practicality?

A women’s luxury watch does not have to cost thousands of dollars and Invicta want to prove quality can cost less.
The Invicta Women’s 1161 Ceramic White Dial White Ceramic Quartz offers buyers a clean classic look that fits a woman of sophistication. And it demonstrates that luxury can be inexpensive.

The design of the watch is pretty basic, not many special features. Here is a list of some of its features:

  •  It’s a ceramic analog watch with an 18-K gold-plated bezel.
  • A gold plated trim and back.
  • It is also protected by a flame-fusion crystal.
  • It’s water resistant for 165 (50 meters) feet.
  • A Swiss quartz movement.
  • Calendar giving the date digitized in between the number three.
Invicta Women's 1158

Invicta Women's 1158 has a more simple look than the Invicta 1161

1161 Ceramic White Dial White Ceramic Quartz

Invicta Women's 1161 captures the eye more than Invicta Women's 1158

There are a large selection of beautiful ceramic watches in the Invicta’s Ceramic Collection. So there are many options besides the 1161. One alternative  to it in Invicta’s Ceramic Collection is Invicta Women’s 1158 White Dial Ceramic watch.  These two timepieces have a lot in common, but also many differences. Here are a few things that have in common, and a few differences:

Invicta 1158 and Invicta 1161 Common Traits

  • 165 (50 meters) feet.
  •  Flame-fusion crystal
  •  Analog display
  •  Swiss Quartz
  •  Both heavy
  •  Both originally retailed for $995
  •  Large clock display

Invicta 1158 and Invicta 1161 Contrasting Traits

  • 1158 White and Black colors, and 1161 Gold Plating and White
  • 1161 is bigger than the 1158
  • 1161 visually stands out more than the 1158
  • 1161 costs $179.99 and 1158 costs $112.67 on Amazon.com.

These watches look visually very different, but have many similarities in their attributes. The preference for Invicta Women’s 1158 and the 1161 involves personal style. Do you want a watch that represents clean elegance (1161), or a more modern style (1158)?

From reading about the watches, and personal preference these are some of the positives and negatives with Invicta Women’s 1161 Ceramic White Dial watch.

  • The colors are nice for some, and it looks like an expensive sophisticated timepiece.
  • The wristband is easy to adjust.
  • The large clock makes it easy to read the time.
  • Well-crafted


  • Heavy and bulky.
  • The colors can look plastic
  •  The ceramic can easily attract marks
  • The simplicity of the look might not appeal to everyone

Though the Women’s 1161 Ceramic White Dial White Ceramic Quartz is very nice, it seems to be geared toward a  minority of women. A woman who has a bigger wrist, and likes the classic look of elegance will think this is a perfect piece for her. Personally, I prefer more simple, yet modern, looking watches like Invicta Women’s 1158 Ceramics Collection White Dial Ceramic watch. If you’re interested in buying Invicta’s Ceramic 1161 watch make sure you know the size of your wrist, or who you plan to buy it for, otherwise, it could be a waste of money. Invicta makes nice watches, so if this one does not fit you, hopefully, you can find one your size and style.

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