22 May 2012

Invicta Women’s 1612 Angel White Dial Light Pink Rubber Quartz

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Written by Jerrica Tisdale

Do you look pretty in pink? Do you enter a party and all eyes are on you? Are you girly and value quality? Want a watch to reflect your unique style?

Have you heard of the Invicta Women’s 1612 Angel White Dial Light Pink Rubber Quartz watch? Because this watch might fit your timepiece needs.

The 1612 Angel White Dial radiates in a stunning pink rubber wristband and a pink rubber coat over the stainless steel case. Unlike many of the Invicta watches, the display numbers are not large but a normal size.  Other features of it are:

  • It can fit a 6.5-inch to 7.5-inch wrist.
  • It has Japanese Quartz movement.
  • It’s water resistant for 99 feet (30 meters).
Invicta 1612

The 1612 from Invicta's Angel collection looks similar to the 1622 with the silver being the main difference between them.

Women's 1622 Angel White Dial Light Pink Rubber watch

Invicta Women's 1622 Angel White Dial Light Pink Rubber watch only slightly out sparkles the 1612 with the gold touches.

The gorgeous Invicta Women 1612 really is an eye catcher.  It’s unique and stylish, but it is not the only wristwatch like this in Invicta’s Angel collection. The Invicta Women’s 1622 Angel White Dial Light Pink Rubber watch is almost exactly like the 1612. There are only a couple subtle differences that separate these two pieces. The 1622 has an 18K rose gold plated stainless steel case, whereas, the 1612 only has a stainless steel case. The numbers on the clock dial are pink on the 1622 and silver on the 1612. The 1622 originally retailed for $325 and the 1612 for $495. The Invicta 1612 on sites like Amazon.com and Watchesonnet.com cost as low as $ 89.99 and the Invicta 1622 as low as $79.99. So there are very minimal differences between these two watches. It really is a tossup on which one to choose. Your choice could depend on if you like the silver or gold case coating.

Pros and Cons of the Invicta Women’s 1612 in the Angel Collection 


  • The pink rubber design may appeal more to a younger girl, but some of its classic elements can appeal to an older woman.
  • It’s water resistant for 99 feet, so you don’t have to be entirely cautious while wearing it.
  • Its design and color make it perfect for pink lovers.
  • Great discounted prices


  • It’s heavy, this makes it difficult to have on your  wrist all day
  • Too big for a lot of women with smaller wrists
  • Limited warranty. It only lasts for about a year. Many companies offer lifetime, or at least two year warranty
  • The pink design is not appealing to people who do not like girly watches.

Invicita tries to marry modern and the traditional with its Women’s 1612 Angel White Dial Light Pink Rubber Quartz watch. It looks like something from Barbie’s dream, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.  But when purchasing this watch it’s key to know the person you’re buying it for, if not yourself.  Women usually have a strong reaction to pink. It is usually either complete love, or complete hate. I’m personally not a big fan of pink, but this watch looks so classic that it appeals to me, but I am not sure if I’d pick it over other classic looking watches that are not pink. So if you love pink, or the person you’re buying it for does, then this could be a perfect gift. Invicta Women’s 1612 Angel collection watch represents class in a nice pink package.

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