07 Feb 2012

Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Green Rubber Quartz 1299 Review

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By Lindsay Karzon

The Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Green Rubber Quartz 1299 is one of those watches that you will either love or hate depending on whether you think this shade of neon green is gorgeous or obscene. As green as a Granny Smith apple, the Invicta Angel 1299 is catchy and classy. Like caramel on the apple, the 18k gold plated stainless steel case and gold tone luminous hour and minute hands add to this delicacy. Great for casual wear, it definitely has a unique flair. If you like the gorgeous green and are looking for a sharp watch with practical features, this timepiece will suit your tastes.

The Style: Exotic in fashion, the light green bezel adds a splash of color that accentuates the chic neon green rubber strap. The light silver dial and gold tone hands give this watch a noble air. The Japanese quartz movement is protected by flame-fusion crystal allowing for impact resistance. Another neat aspect of the bezel design is that the minutes are labeled in five-minute increments with black dots and in fifteen-minute increments with numerals, which add to the style and ease of reading the time. Overall, this watch is extremely functional because its design makes it simple to tell time. The Arabic numerals are large, the minutes are marked with indexes in one-minute increments, and the hour hands are big. All of these factors contribute to quick readability, making the Invicta 1299 a practical purchase.

Neat Features: If you are impressed by the style, there’s more to look forward to with the Invicta 1299. There are three sub-dials that display the day, the date, and sixty-seconds. The calendar function is great if you need to remind yourself of the date. In addition, this timepiece is water resistant up 30 meters, so getting it a little wet won’t damage it.

Alternative Models: If you like the features and style of the Invicta Angel 1299, but don’t find the green color attractive, you can order the same style watch with a different color. Check out the following color variations:

  • Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Purple Rubber Quartz 1300
  • Invicta Women’s Angel Gold Dial Gold Rubber Quartz 1309
  • Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Orange Rubber Quartz 1298
  • Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Pink Rubber Quartz 1296

Price: While the U.S. retail price for the Invicta 1299 is $495, it is currently selling for as low as $57 online at watchesonnet.com. Shopping online, you can find great deals. If the Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Green Rubber Quartz 1299 is the watch for you, the cost is affordable.


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