01 Mar 2012

Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Green Rubber Quartz Watch 1283

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Written by:  Margaret Burns

The Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Green Rubber Quartz Watch 1283 (INVICTA.1283) is a sporty and stylish watch that definitely makes a statement.  Its funky and unique neon lime green color is like no other, but its silver accents make it classically elegant, while still being edgy.  It may not match every outfit in your closet, and is probably not appropriate with more formal attire, but this watch adds a fun pop of color to your weekend wear or workout gear.  Functional and fun, this watch is ideally suited for someone who likes to stand out, and who is not afraid to get a little loud from time to time.



  • Quartz movement
  • Light silver dial
  • Flame-fusion crystal
  • Stainless steel case
  • Rubber bracelet
  • Bracelet is sizeable
  • Buckle clasp
  • Water proof up to 30 meters or 99 feet
  • Made in Switzerland

The Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Green Rubber Quartz Watch 1283 (INVICTA.1283) features a silver case surrounded by a neon green bezel and rubber strap with a buckle clasp.  The case is square shaped, with a light silver dial and numerically marked hours in contrasting black, making for easy readability.  In addition, the quarter-hour minutes (15, 30, 45 and 60) are marked in black on the bezel.  The dial also features 3 chronographs:  the date at 2 o’clock, the day of the week at 10 o’clock, and the second hand at 6 o’clock.

If neon green and silver aren’t your colors, the Invicta Angel line has several other options to choose from, such as the Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Pink Rubber Women’s Watch INVICTA-1292, identical to the 1283 model except for the flourescent pink bracelet and bezel, or the Invicta Women’s Angel Gold Dial Gold Rubber Women’s Watch INVICTA-1309, if you prefer a more gilded timepiece.  Whatever your preference, if you’re looking for a colorful and sporty watch, look no further than the Invicta Angel collection.

Originally listed at $495, I was able to find this watch on sale for as low as $49 (a 90% discount!), which definitely makes it a worthwhile purchase.

If you, or any of the women in your life, are sporty, adventurous, and love bright and exciting colors, the Invicta Women’s Angel Silver Dial Neon Green Rubber Quartz Watch 1283 (INVICTA.1283), may be the perfect watch.  The bright neon green will definitely stand out in a crowd and ensure that everyone knows that you are a unique and fun individual.  This sporty and funky, but still fully functional, watch was made for any woman who’s not afraid to be herself.

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