07 Jan 2012

Invicta Women’s B002VRSV6A Subaqua Collection Noma III Watch Review

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Written by: Phuc (Jen) Huynh

Invicta crafts fine timepieces that are reasonable priced and still true Swiss luxury. You wouldn’t have to break the bank for something of great value; the Invicta philosophy is it’s how not much you spend but how wisely you spend. Enter the Invicta Women’s B002VRSV6A a sub aqua, diamond accented, chronograph watch. It features a pink, mother-of-pearl dial, gold-toned hands, nine diamond studs for hour indexes, and a date display at the four o’clock position. The dial is surrounded by an 18k gold-plated, stainless steel bezel, and that watch features gold-plated, screw-down pushers, a protective cap on the crown. It comes with white leather watchstrap that is secured by a buckle clasp. This watch is a diver’s dream; its water resistant is up to 1640 feet or 500 meters.

The White Strap of the Invicta Invicta Women's B002VRSV6A

Another Angle

This watch is part of the Subaqua Collection, engineered for a driver to explore depth of the blue crispy ocean with Swiss automatic movements, and finished off with a unidirectional rotating bezel and integrated shock resistance. This is a functional watch, with a sportive look for an adventurous sea lover. It’s a great watch for athletic people who participate in triathlon too.

Unfortunately, this watch is not very stylish or modern compared to other watches on the market. It’s also not very versatile either and looks to be more suited for exploring the sea more than for an occasional girl’s night out or the office. But for a tomboy, a sporty woman, or a sea lover this is great watch because of its functionality and design. It’s very sporty looking but the design isn’t very sleek, it looks rather chunky. However, if you are a sea lover and you enjoy diving and swimming and you just want a watch that will faithfully accompany you on all your adventures then look no further. It’s quite a bit of a trade off, on one hand you are not getting the most stylish watch on the market right now, but you are getting a watch whose performance and functionality is excellent.

The watch retails at $399.00. The availability of this watch is next to nothing. There are no websites that are carrying it. The Invicta website is not carrying it currently. If you are interested in exploring the sea and you do come across this affordable watch, then by all means go for it. A watch now a days is an expression of personality and character and there’s no need to conform to the run-away-trends or contemporary fashion.

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