31 Dec 2011

Invicta Women’s Lupah Silver Dial Pink Copper Head Snakeskin Quartz Watch 0010-PNK

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Written by: Hana Hsu

Are you looking for a classy yet practical, casual yet luxurious pink ladies watch that won’t break the bank? Invicta’s beautiful Women’s Lupah Silver Pink Copper Head Snakeskin Quartz Watch 0010-PNK may be your answer. Part of the trendy Lupah collection with its unique rounded rectangle dial, this watch’s elements blend together seamlessly to create a fashion statement that is trendy yet accessible for everyday wear.

The most striking aspect of the Invicta 0010-PNK watch is its artfully designed dial and case. Consider the polished stainless steel case, not a square or a rectangle, but a rounded rectangle shape with its lugs extending as a natural part of the case on top and bottom, and extensions on the side. Also consider the beautiful silver marble-textured dial, similar to mother of pearl but without its hefty price.

The luminous, silver-toned hour and minute hands and luminous, silver-toned markers also create a slightly unconventional elegance: the lone triangular marker (a very unique element for a luxury watch) for the 12 o’clock hour matches the pentagonal-shaped hour and minute hand, while the other eleven circular markers match the dome-shaped crown.

But let’s not forget the beautifully colored and understated pink copper head snakeskin strap. The rose petal hue is absolutely gorgeous, and the snakeskin texture balances the sleekness of the gleaming silver-colored case, markers, hands, and crown. The texture also subtly matches the slight marble texture of the dial.

There are some practical features as well:

  • water-resistant up to 165 feet/50 meters/5 ATM
  • a display window for the date above the 6 o’clock marker
  • fine Swiss-made quartz movement

And for a retail price of $495, often found as low as $89 online, this watch is also a very affordable time piece.

Cons: The only downside to this watch may be:

  • There are no numbers for those who desire a simple glance to tell the time. However, there are black line demarcations in between each luminous hour marker, when some luxury watches have no demarcations or even markers at all. All in all, this watch still falls on the practical side.
  • Others may wish there was a metal chain or bangle instead of a snakeskin strap, but in my opinion, this would make the watch have too cold a feel. It is precisely the texture and color of the strap that make this watch pop.
Invicta Women's Lupah Collection Stainless Steel Watch 0573

White and pearly: A great alternative is the Invicta Women's Lupah Collection Stainless Steel Watch 0573, which comes with interchangeable straps of different colors

Alternative varieties include the 0010-YEL, exactly the same as the 0010-PNK except that it has a yellow, smooth snakeskin strap, or, for those looking for a slightly different look, there is the Invicta Women’s Lupah Collection Stainless Steel Interchangeable Strap Watch Set 0573, which features numbered markers, a white polyurethane strap, and a mother-of pearl dial, and an interchangeable set of brown, orange, sea-green, and pink polyurethane straps.

The final word:

The Invicta Women’s Lupah Silver Pink Copper Head Snakeskin Quartz Watch is a great catch and makes for an ideal working woman’s watch: it is both fashionable and practical, and ultimately, beautiful and feminine. It’s not meant to be a piece of jewelry, but it’s also not meant to be just a watch. Invicta has struck the balance with a well-designed casual luxury watch that you will treasure for a long time to come.

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