01 Jan 2012

Invicta Women’s Lupah Silver Dial Yellow Copper Head Snakeskin Watch 0010-YEL

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Written by: Hana Hsu

Hello, sunny days and daffodils! With this luscious lemon leather strap beaming from your wrist, you’ll definitely be in the spotlight. Perfect with a sundress or casual sportswear, the Invicta Women’s Lupah Silver Dial Yellow Copper Head Snakeskin Watch 0010-YEL ($495) says spring, summer, and sunshine year-round. This latest variety in the Invicta Lupah line is a must-buy for the lady who loves to look stylish in yellow.

Invicta’s Lupah line watches all share the same bold, trendy rounded rectangular dial shape. “True to the Lupah name, which means ‘to magnify’,” according to the manufacturer’s Web site, “the timepiece features the signature domed crystal which magnifies the dial’s details.”

This ladies’ Lupah watch, much like the others in the family, features:

  • a silver marble-textured dial
  • luminous, silver-toned and luminous hour and minute hands and silver second hand
  • a dome-shaped crown with push/pull functionality
  • flame fusion silver-colored stainless steel case
  • date display at 6 o’clock
  • copperhead snakeskin strap (15 mm wide, 7.25 inches long)


  • For $495, this is a very affordable yet trendy watch. With its bold rounded rectangular stainless steel case, elegant silver marble-textured dial, and raised luminous markers, the Inivcta Lupah 0010-YEL is sleek 21st century craftsmanship. But the bright yellow strap adds a vivacious, vibrant bounce to the watch, effortlessly brightening up any outfit.
  • The luminous silver markers and black line demarcations make it easy to read the time, even without numbers, while maintaining a clean, artistic look. The triangular marker at 12 o’clock, sword-shaped hour and minute hand, and spacing of the hour markers harmonize to create a look unique to Invicta’s Lupah line.
  • It is also water resistant up to 165 feet/50 meters/5 ATM, which is higher than many watches out there, including some high-end Gucci watches.
  • The date display is also very handy and discreetly placed above the 6 o’clock marker.
Invicta Women's Lupah Collection Stainless Steel Watch 0573

White and pearly: A great alternative is the Invicta Women's Lupah Collection Stainless Steel Watch 0573, which comes with interchangeable straps of different colors


  • Those who prefer numbers as markers will not find it here on the 0010-YEL watch, although other Lupah lines do have them
  • For those who’d like to change the color of the strap, you can’t do so with this particular line yet, because other interchangeable sets use a 15 mm wide strap, while this one uses a 16 mm wide strap. But with this delightful color, you may never get tired of it!

Alternative varieties include the 0010-PNK, exactly the same as the 0010-YEL except that it has a rose-hued, textured snakeskin strap, or, for those looking for a slightly different look, there is the Invicta Women’s Lupah Stainless Steel Watch Set 0573, which features numbered markers, a white polyurethane strap, and a mother-of pearl dial, and a interchangeable set of brown, orange, sea-green, and pink polyurethane straps.

The final word:

The Invicta Women’s Lupah Silver Yellow Copper Head Snakeskin Quartz Watch is a great catch at $495 (often on sale for less than $100 online) and makes for an ideal ladies’ watch: flirty, fun, and fabulous, this bright timepiece is one that you will enjoy wearing and showing off every day.

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