07 May 2012

Invicta Women’s Wildflower Light Blue Rubber Quartz 5917 Review

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Do you find yourself wondering what time it is while jogging, but you left your cell phone in the car?  The Invicta Women’s Wildflower Light Blue Rubber Quartz 5917 is the solution to an active woman’s concerns.


  • Good price
  • Chronological functions display day, date and 60 second sub-dials
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 M)
  • Adjustable strap
  • Unidirectional turning bezel
  • Luminous hands

This casual watch will grab the hearts of active women as well as the working professional looking to add a little spunk and color to her day. It features a bright blue, high-grade polyurethane strap with metal inserts in 19kt gold plating.  The rubber quality of the bracelet pairs nicely with its water-resistant attribute, allowing swimmers to immerse up to 330 feet or 100 meters before she has to remember to remove her watch.  The straps are adjustable using a typical stainless steel buckle with Invicta’s logo etched into it.

This timepiece runs at list price for $495, but many sites offer an even lower discounted rate.  Its casual nature is brought abruptly to a halt by the contrasting gold-tone case.  Detained inside you’ll find a gold-etched dial presenting three sub-dials, and the hourly time.  One of the chronological dials measures the weekday, another the calendar day and finally a 60 second meter.  Lastly, the time is measured using luminous hands.  The gold-tones stainless steel bezel is unidirectional and can be used as a timer for sprints, hikes or elapsed time spent underwater during a snorkeling trip in the Great Barrier Reef.


  • Color
  • Heavy
  • Stains easily/fades
  • Too many meters in one
  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Larger

The skeletal hands tend to get lost among the matching gold face and all the sub-dials, but their luminescent quality allows them to shine above all of that.  The entire assortment of clocks, calendars and meters can become jumbled and too much for the eye to handle.

Cassi Thomson at the Invicta Watch Group suite

Cassi Thomson wearing the Invicta 5917 Watch in honor of the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards

Unfortunately, the crystal glass making sure the hands stay intact is not scratch-resistant, so the watch may begin to lose its appeal as it ages and wears.  Several consumers commented on the blue rubber fading overtime and staining easily, so keep that in mind while you make your purchasing decision.

The entire case is approximately 1.18cm, 10-15cm larger than more women’s watches which lines up with a consumer complaint about the watch feeling heavy.  If you are a fan of large, gaudy jewelry (as it is often a ravishing fashion statement) then disregard this comment. But, if you are into dainty bracelets this is not the wristwatch for you.

Personally, the gold and blue combination is startling and clashes.  But, if you use it in the sports sense, it has a classier look to it than your basic waterproof, watch.  The gold plating and clasp almost make the light blue rubber straps seem elegant.

Based on price alone, this watch is well-worth your money. There are features I would second guess upon purchase, but if you are looking for a one-year fashion statement while you are out on the trails to match your new hiking shoes, this timepiece may be for you.

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  1. I’m pretty sure the writer of this review has no experience in the fashion industry, much less with jewelry or watches.
    Although this watch may be described as appropriate for “women on the go” or “active women”, I highly doubt that refers to hiking or jogging- I think this watch is more intended for the upper middle class supermom type, to wear while she goes shopping or brings her children to school, if not for a lunch outing. This review seems seriously clueless and totally inapplicable to the reality of the product.

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