Invicta Men’s Reserve Collection GMT 18k Gold-Plated and Stainless Steel Watch (6205)

Written by: Oliver Hong The Invicta’s Men’s 6205 is a watch that has a lot of bells and whistles that still finds a way to . It’s elegant design lends to it’s superb craftsmanship, and is a great addition to your watch collection. Some of the features of this watch are: Swiss Quartz Movement 60.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Reserve Collection Excursion Blue Polyurethane Watch (6254)

Written by: Oliver Hong If you’re in the market for a watch that will catch people’s eye, you can’t go wrong with Invicta’s 6524 Reserve collection Excursion Blue Polyurethane watch. It’s bold design and it’s simple functionality make this a watch for someone looking for something a little flashy for a formal occasion or a.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Sea Spider Chronograph Champagne Dial 18K Gold Plated& Black Polyurethane Chronograph (1478)

Written By: Oliver Hong There’s something about a gold watch that gives the wearer a sense of class, but in a world of stainless steel watches, the gold watch is slowly trudging towards the realm of “Tacky”. However, Invicta’s 18 karat gold plated Sea Spider Chronograph watch has found a way to make the gold.. read more →

Invicta Women’s Specialty White Dial 18K Gold Plated Case Black Nylon Quartz 1053

Written by: Camille Ong A touch of class mixed with a modern style, the Invicta Women’s Specialty White Dial 18K Gold Plated Case Black Nylon Quartz 1053 is one watch that beautifully offers flair and style to the wearer. This piece is very much a statement piece with its oversized face at 35mm in diameter. The.. read more →