Review of Invicta’s Midsize Men’s Reserve F0012

This watch is exquisite! Invicta’s Reserve Collection is known for its elite design and craftsmanship. The midsize F0012 with GMT, yellow dial stainless steel and gunmetal quartz is no exception. This is a beautiful piece that will be a wonderful addition to any collection. The two tone stainless steel and gunmetal band contrasts beautifully with.. read more →

Invicta Men’s 6759 Review

When it comes to Invicta watches you know you are getting a quality product. Their Reserve Series is the epitome of their quality design and craftsmanship. Anyone who has a piece in this collection knows what i’m talking about. They are simply gorgeous. Given that, the Invicta 6759 rose color dial 18k gold plated quartz watch.. read more →

Men’s Invicta Reserve 6756 Review

The Invicta men’s reserve series 6756 is a gorgeous rose gold plated watch. Like all in the Reserve Collection this timepiece is a unique masterpiece. This watch is chock-full of captivating design elements. Its features reflect the top notch quality we have all come to expect of Invicta, especially their Reserve Collection. The 18k gold.. read more →

Invicta Men’s 9212 Speedway GS Goldplated and Stainless Steel Quartz

by Jerrica Tisdale Whether wearing a nice suit, or a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, the ultimate accent to your outfit can be your watch. A watch just isn’t an accessory, but it can help define a man, it can carry memories of generations, or it can capture the eyes of an admirer... read more →

Invicta Women’s 1161 Ceramic White Dial White Ceramic Quartz

Written by Jerrica Tisdale Are you a woman who makes others jealous with your clean classy fashion style? Do you like watches that are unique, but still want them to retain classic elements? Do you want luxury  for the price of practicality? A women’s luxury watch does not have to cost thousands of dollars and.. read more →

Men’s 1107 Invicta II Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Chronograph

Do you want to enjoy the luxury of Swiss made watches, without paying thousands of dollars for them? Do you want a quality watch that the designers guarantee genuine craftsmanship? Then the Men’s 1107 Invicta II Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Chronograph  could be your dream watch. Invicta is one of the few Swiss watch companies with a.. read more →

Invicta Women’s Angel White Crystal Pink Plastic Quartz

Bling, bling and more bling. Accessories and timepieces festooned with baubles and dotted with jewels are the style order of the day, as evidenced by the myriad chunky bracelets and watches worn by tastemakers of all stamps. Invicta, the watch brand that prides itself on its cool, bold designs, has introduced a timepiece in keeping.. read more →