Invicta Men’s Akula F0014 Review

The Invicta men’s Akula F0014 with blue dial and black leather is not your ordinary watch. It has a truly unique look for those who crave something different. This piece is unique due to its larger stainless steel case. The case itself is not that much larger than other standard size men’s watches. Its diameter.. read more →

Invicta Russian Diver Black Ion Plated Quartz 594 Watch Review

by Erin Brogan Do you want to feel smarter by the second? With the Men’s Invicta Russian Diver Purple Carbon Fiber Dial Black Rubber& Black Ion Plated Quartz 594 Watch, you can start your new “smart” look off right. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, has been seen on multiple occasions wearing his Invicta Russian.. read more →