Invicta Russian Diver Quinotaur Chronograph Blue Rubber Chronograph (4580)

Written By: Oliver Hong If you’re looking for a diving watch that’s still within a reasonable price range, you should give the Invicta 4580 a try. It’s a highly functional watch for both diving and casual wear. It’s a great watch that’s been seen on the wrist on the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This watch features:.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver GMT Quartz 6994

Written by: Holly Troupe The size of wristwatches is getting flat-out absurd. Has mankind’s vision universally deteriorated? Are timepiece manufacturers competing to see who can stuff the maximum number of barely legible sub-dials and embellishments onto one watch face? Well, for those who like their timepieces approximately the same size as bread plates, behold the.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Automatic Pro Diver S2 Stainless Steel 8926OB

Written by: Holly Troupe Those of us with feisty, athletic dispositions are attracted to watches with feisty and athletic amenities. However, the sporting type doesn’t necessarily favor the aggressively synthetic behemoths that clutter today’s market. A timepiece that can withstand strenuous activity while maintaining an element of elegance will surely be appreciated; particularly if the.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Corduba Chronograph 6916 Review

Written by: Jared Johnsen Ready for both travel adventure and casual play, the Invicta Men’s Corduba 6916 is a great watch to have riding your wrist. This timepiece is not only designed to fit a range of leisure activities, but the large black dial is housed behind an oversized 55mm flame-fusion crystal. If you’re as.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Coalition Forces Blue Dial Chronograph Watch 0672

Written by Erin Marty Looking for that watch you can bring on camping-trips as well as out on the town? A watch with backbone? Then the Invicta Men’s Coalition Forces Blue Dial Chronograph Watch 0672 may be just for you. What really sets this watch apart from your average timepiece is its titanium case and.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver White Stainless Steel Quartz

Written by: Holly Troupe Swimmers, runners and active people in general appreciate a sturdy and accurate timepiece; not only for precise measurement of athletic achievements, but for good old aesthetic appeal. Invicta, the bold and brassy manufacturer of bold and brassy timepieces, has engineered just such a watch; the Men’s Pro Diver White Stainless Steel.. read more →

Invicta Women’s Akula Reserve White Leather Chronograph

Written by: Holly Troupe Anyone who is predisposed to athletic endeavors needs a good time measuring device that can stand up to all rugged exertions. Unfortunately, none of the electronic personal navigational systems, interval timers and step counting gadgets are particularly stylish. Invicta, with its reputation for cool, assertive and precise timepieces, has come up.. read more →

The Invicta Women’s Akula Reserve Sport Chronograph Black Rubber Quartz

Written by: Holly Troupe With all of the 21st century electronic athletic innovations (the interval timer, the personal navigation system and the step counter, to name but a few), the sports watch seems almost quaint. However, if you have the sort of lifestyle that leads you to spontaneous games of tennis, basketball or runs in.. read more →