Invicta Women’s Akula Reserve White Leather Chronograph

Written by: Holly Troupe Anyone who is predisposed to athletic endeavors needs a good time measuring device that can stand up to all rugged exertions. Unfortunately, none of the electronic personal navigational systems, interval timers and step counting gadgets are particularly stylish. Invicta, with its reputation for cool, assertive and precise timepieces, has come up.. read more →

The Invicta Women’s Akula Reserve Sport Chronograph Black Rubber Quartz

Written by: Holly Troupe With all of the 21st century electronic athletic innovations (the interval timer, the personal navigation system and the step counter, to name but a few), the sports watch seems almost quaint. However, if you have the sort of lifestyle that leads you to spontaneous games of tennis, basketball or runs in.. read more →

Invicta Women’s Corduba White Mother of Pearl 18k Gold Plated Quartz

Written by: Holly Troupe Over-Sized watches, also known as “Chunky” or “Boyfriend” watches are all the rage among the taste-making elite. These burly pieces resemble bracelets more than timepieces due to the fact that they are typically worn loosely, allowing them to swivel around the wrist with a satisfying bauble-y clinking sound. Invicta’s Corduba White Mother.. read more →