18 May 2012

Men’s 1107 Invicta II Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Chronograph

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Do you want to enjoy the luxury of Swiss made watches, without paying thousands of dollars for them? Do you want a quality watch that the designers guarantee genuine craftsmanship?

Then the Men’s 1107 Invicta II Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Chronograph  could be your dream watch.

Invicta is one of the few Swiss watch companies with a division in the United States. The company’s mission statement guarantees that you will receive a luxury watch without having to pay the high prices that some of its competitors charge.

The Invicta site states: “Timepieces from the likes of Subaqua, Reserve, Russian Diver and Lupah to name only a few are true representations of outstanding performance. Whichever is your model of choice, all share capabilities that surpass expectation and embody intriguing concepts with unrivaled standards.”

So does this Invicta watch live up to the “unrivaled standards”?  Let’s examine some of its features and see:

            • It  has a rubber wristband making it easy to fit to your arm.
            • The black, white, and green colors gives it a touch of whimsy with the basic standard of the black watch.
            • The calendar is located in a corner of the watch that’s surrounded by the numerical time.
            • The numbers for the time are large and make it easy to read.
            • It’s made of stainless steel, has an analog display and chronograph movement, which is a cool feature not all watches possess.
            • The wristband is 100.0 meters (330 feet) water resistant.
Invicta Men's 1107

Invicta II Men's 1107 Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Watch

Invicta Men's 1102

Invicta Men's 1102 Pro Diver Black Dial Black Polyurethane Watch

The wristwatch comparable to the Men’s 1107 Invicta II Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Chronograph is the Invicta Men’s 1102 Pro Diver Black Dial Black Polyurethane watch . The only major difference between them is that the 1107 has the chronograph function and costs more than the 1102. The prices vary (originally retailing for $595), but on Amazon.com the Invicta II Chronograph 1107 costs $139.99 and the Invicta Men’s 1102 costs $73.50. The difference on which timepiece you would purchase depends on chronograph preference.

On sites like Amazon.com, the Invicta 1107 has a mixture of reviews, slightly favoring positive ones. Some of the basic praises and complaints about it were these:


    • Reasonably priced
    • The black and green makes it masculine, but creative.
    • The chronograph is a cool feature to have on a basic timepiece
    • It glows in the dark


    • Heavy
    • Extra strap from the rubber band
    • The watch face is too big and almost gives the piece a cheap look
    • The calendar is hard to locate

To Buy, or not to Buy?

The Men’s 1107 Invicta II Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Chronograph can be a little heavy, but if the weight of it does not bother you then this could be a great watch. For those that prefer a discrete watch, this is not for you. The big numbers, big wristband, and bright glowing green draws too much attention for this to be considered a modest timepiece.  It’s not an everyday watch, but good for nighttime and certain lifestyles. It is not a watch for the average man, but might appeal to men with bigger wrist, and/or those that need to have a watch that glows and has a big number display. Besides some faulty watches, the complaints about the watch had little to do with the quality of it. If the other issues do not bother you, then Invicta has executed a quality Swiss made watch for a fraction of what  some luxury watch company’s charge.

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