26 Dec 2011

Invicta Men’s 1959 Russian Diver Black Rubber Quartz 4342

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Written by: Aidan Noda

Do you live for danger? Do you have a penchant for adventure? Do you desire to explore the farthest reaches of the world? These characteristics are not necessary to wear Invicta’s line of Russian diver watches, but they may help. The Invicta¬†Men’s 1959 Russian Diver Black Rubber Quartz 4342 is an adventurous and brave watch that has a whole lot of character. You wouldn’t want to be left behind by this watch, as it takes a real man to handle this beast of a timepiece.

The first thing you will notice is that the 1959 Russian Diver series of watches are huge. The face of the watch is 52mm in diameter and the case is 16mm thick. This is no watch for children, this watch is made with the big boys in mind. When many other companies make large faced watches they simply slap a small watch and large face together with the big dial on top, which often leaves a tiny disproportionate strap. Invicta does not make short cuts like those other companies, such as Fossil, instead they made an entirely new large watch design, which shows in their big hearty wristband.

The 1959 Russian Diver watch line was actually made as a replica of the watches commissioned by the Russian navy back in the mid 20th century. These watches were designed to be large so that the strap could easily fit over a wetsuit. Many of the watch keeps many useful attributes of the old watches, which make this timepiece very unique. One example of this is the large knob for adjusting the time on the side of the dial. There is actually a silver cap on the knob to water proof it and a chain to make sure that this cap does not fall off. This is an extremely nice feature of this watch as there are no other watches with a chain on the side of the watch face. Also the cap serves a practical purpose if you choose to use the water resistant up to 330 feet feature that is offered by this watch.

The underside of the Invicta 4342

It is hard to see from this photo, but notice the detailing on the bottom of the watch

This timepiece also features a glow in the dark watch face. The inside of the watch glows a bright neon green when it is dark and even in lighted settings you can see a faint glow. The hands of the watch also glow brightly in the dark. There is a little Russian diver above the 12 o’clock mark on the watch. It is interesting to note that the underside of the watch shows an extreme amount of detail, which is an area that many other companies often tend to neglect. The bottom of the watch has very nice lettering in Times New Roman text that is a very nice touch.

All in all this watch is a great addition to any person’s collection. It is very practical and can be used by anyone as an every day casual watch. Despite it’s impressive history and big name this watch can be used by divers and average people just the same. Many people will appreciate the sturdy and dependable build of this watch. Invicta means “Invincible” in Latin and that is how you will feel when you put on this watch.

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