16 Feb 2012

Men’s Coalition Forces Black Perforated Dial Chronograph Titanium Chronograph 0671

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Written By, Preston Moore

Upon arrival, the watch comes in a nice stainless steel case marked with the Invicta logo. One of the most important aspects of any timepiece, is the level of comfort one should expect from their accessory. This watch is made of solid titanium. The titanium does a good job protecting against the watch being scuffed up during casual wear. The solid titanium  is even featured in the bands which secures at the wrist with a clasp that comes with a safety buckle. This safety buckle which prevents your wrists from being pinched. A cool feature about this watch is that even if you are not satisfied with the metal clasp with the safety you can still switch out the entire band, because the band on the Men’s Coalition Forces Black Perforated Dial Chronograph Titanium Chronograph 0671 can be easily switched, without taking the piece in to a jeweler. This enables you to choose which band you believe is most comfortable or stylish. Its your call. Overall, the watch is reasonably heavy, so that should be taken into account when deciding whether this piece is the correct fit or not.

The Watch’s look is another issue altogether. This is defiantly not the kind of look that will fit all tastes, as the watch seems to be designed for men who want to flaunt their masculinity. It has a design reminiscent of the rigidity found in the armed forces, which fits the whole coalition forces vibe that this collection has.  The watch’s face is housed in a durable brushed flame infused crystal that does a good job protecting against scratching. Inside this crystal, the watch’s dials are black and the hour marker is illuminated by Invicta’s Trinite technology. The sub dial is white and luminous as well. There are also luminous second markers and luminous black indices. The movement of this timepiece is Swiss ensuring accuracy.

  • Interchangeable Band
  • Stainless Steel Invicta Case
  • Military Styling
  • Rugged Casing

eters of water protection.


  • Chronograph Functions with 60 Second, 30 Minute and 1/10 of a Second Sub-dial.
  • Water Resistant
  • Day and date function
  • Precise Swiss Movement


  • Rugged Look and Design may be a turn off for some.
  • Expensive

Selling for around $1795.00 retail, and online for around $430.00 online, this is not a cheap and affordable accessory, but because of its titanium casing, unique design, and functionality, enthusiasts looking for the whole package would deem this timepiece well worth its hefty price tag.


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