02 Jul 2012

Men’s Invicta II Black Carbon Fiber Dial Black Polyurethane Quartz (1431) Review

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Written by Quinn M. Redfield

The Invicta Men’s Invicta II (1431) is a handsome, men’s casual-wear watch with a durable design and chic style you could wear just about anywhere. The black and silver color scheme would match most any outfit, while the flame-fusion and swiss quartz keep this watch good to go.

Rear view of the Invicta II (1431) showing the back of its stainless steel case as well as the black, polyurethane strap complete with a stainless steel buckle clasp.

The Invicta II has a Black, Polyurethane Strap and Stainless Steel Buckle Clasp.

Date display
Luminous indices and numerals

The Invicta II (1431) has a durable design that should stand up well to daily activities including exercise or varying outdoor conditions. This, combined with its versatile color scheme, makes the watch very wearable in a variety of circumstances.

This is a good solid watch. Its stainless steel case measures 47mm wide, 54mm high, and 15mm thick. Its black polyurethane strap measures 9.5 inches long and 24mm wide. Polyurethane is a pretty sturdy material. While it can be stiff at first, but once broken in wears very comfortably. The strap is secured with a durable, stainless steel, buckle clasp.

In addition, this timepiece has a push/pull crown with a protective cap and a screw-down case back. This helps secure the watch tightly which helps make the Invicta II water-resistant down to 100 meters (330 feet). Invicta’s signature flame-fusion crystal makes the Invicta II more impact resistant while swiss quartz movement keeps the time consistently precise.

 The Invicta II (1431) shown against a scale to demonstrate its measurements (47mm wide by 54mm high).

The Invicta II (1431) Measures 47mm wide by 54mm high.


  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Versatile look
  • Impact resistant
  • Readable in various light conditions


  • No sub-dials
  • Small date display


If you’re looking for a watch with a variety of functions, the Invicta II probably isn’t the way to go. It does not have sub-dials or any of the other extras you might find in similar watches. The date display is definitely a handy feature, but it may be on the small side for those with poorer eyesight. Its position at 3 o’clock means the date is periodically hidden behind the minute or hour hands, but otherwise it’s an intuitive location. The face itself is highly visible though.

The unidirectional, stainless steel bezel has black hour markers – with triangles calling special attention to the quarters. This contrasts nicely with the black carbon fiber dial and silver-tone arabic numerals, markers, and hands and makes the watch very readable. The numerals, markers, and hands are all luminous, making them easily visible in low-light conditions as well.

Its black and silver color scheme make it quite versatile. While it isn’t as dressy as some, the watch is versatile enough in appearance that it should work with almost any outfit. Additionally, the fact that it is so impact and water-resistant mean you can wear it almost anywhere without fear.

The Invicta II typically retails for $595.00 but can be found online for $446.25, and if you catch a good sail it may get down to $150.00-200.00 even. While you may prefer to try the watch on in person initially, I would strongly suggest checking websites such as: WatchesonNet.com, Amazon.com, BizRate.com, Sharkstores.com, and TheWatchery.com for deals before you buy. While $500-600.00 isn’t unreasonable for a quality, Invicta watch, it may be a bit more than you want to pay for a casual-wear accessory.

The durable design and classy look of the Invicta II make this a practical and handsome addition to any man’s wardrobe. While you may still need a dress-up watch in addition to the Invicta II, this timepiece has you covered for every other occasion. Overall this is a high quality watch for a reasonable price.

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