27 Dec 2011

Men’s Invicta II Black Dial Chronograph Stainless Steel Chronograph 1012

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Written by: Aidan Noda

Front view of the Invicta II 1012

The watch face is like the sky on a clear summer evening

Dark, tan, and handsome. Is that a description of you or your new watch? The Men’s Invicta II Black Dial Stainless Steel Chronograph 1012 is designed with the image of a classy handsome man wearing it. This watch will not get any unwanted stares or bring any unneeded attention to the wearer. No, it is very subdued for the mellow quiet type of man. A calmer sort of personality that does not need his watch to bring attention to him, because no matter what he does the ladies will come to him.

This watch features a silver band with a black dial creating a very timeless feel for the watch. This is a watch that will never go out of fashion or style with its very basic colors. Yet, this watch will exude a confidence that shows that it is the man who is has class not just the watch.

The back of the Invicta II Black Dial 1012

Hard to see, but the attention of detail is still apparent

The watch is connected with a silver clasp at the base for extra security. The inside of the timepiece is controlled by precise Japanese quartz movement. Japanese engineering plus Swiss watchmaking traditions can guarantee that this will be one watch that will remain dependable throughout the years.

The inside of the watch features an indicator for the date at the 3 o’clock marker and three different sub dials for different purposes. One sub-dial is set for 60 seconds, another for 30 minutes, and the last one is for 12 hours. This may come in handy for the busy man on the go, so that he will never be late for a date again.

The bottoms of the watch is very well made. There is a lot of attention to details put on the bottom, which many companies tend to neglect. There is some very clear writing in a circle pattern formation. Additionally, the Invicta logo is placed strategically in the middle of the back so that everyone will know the secret to your style once you take off your watch, but why would you ever need to? Considering that this watch features water resistance up to 330 feet, you will no longer have to take off your watch when you shower or swim again.

Front view of the Invicta II 1012

The calm silver and deep black evoke an image of a quiet sophisticated man

The Invicta II is extremely dependable. Not only will you never have to worry about water damage anymore, but also fears of scratching the watch face surface will become a thing of the past. Many watch manufacturers use mineral crystal to protect their watch face, which is good against impacts, but easily scratched. Sapphire is also a commonly used material, because it is very resistant to scratches. However, sapphire scratches fairly easily. The solution that other companies tend to use is sapphire coated mineral crystals; however this runs the risk of delamination. When delamination occurs the layers of materials split apart, which would be disasterious for an expensive watch. Invicta uses a method they developed called flame-fusion instead which elimates any chance of delamination. Instead of layering the materials together the sapphire and mineral crystals are fused under high heat. This creates a more sturdy, shatter resistant, and scratch resistant material.

This timepiece is very modern and its good looks will stay for years after you buy it. The watch will take a lot to break down as many precautions were made while producing it. Any man who is very active or just wants a dependable watch that won’t break down very easily would love this addition to their collection. It would also suit people who need to appear professional as well, because of its minimalistic design. There’s a lot to love in this watch, but do you have the class required to wear it?

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