25 Dec 2011

Invicta II Men’s Chronograph Blue Dial Stainless Steel Chronograph 1009

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Written by: Aidan Noda

Front view of the 1009

Bold, Brash, Blue the Invicta 1009. A new better you

Do you love the classic look of a silver watch, but want to express yourself better through some clever use of color? Watches can easily look cheap and tacky when they are not a plain silver or black, but Invicta was able to pull off the look flawlessly when they created the Invicta II Blue Dial Stainless Steel Chronograph 1009. This watch will get you all the right stares when you walk into the room. No one will judge you as another boring suit with this classy luxury watch. The Invicta II with the blue dial was designed for  every type of working man imaginable: office worker,  lawyer, the every day joe kind of guy. This watch transcends social barriers with its affordable style that will have people thinking that you make as much as Bill Gates to be able to afford such a high quality watch.

Back of the Invicta 1009

This silver clasp will keep your watch secure

The watch itself is made of stainless steel and is connected by a silver toned clasp, that offers a secure fit once it is fastened. The look of this timepiece screams modern with its silver face plate and added dark blue bezel. The inside of the watch features an indicator for the date at the 4 o’clock mark point and there are three different indicators inside the watch face. These indicators serve as chronograph sub-dials with one marking 60 second intervals, another for 30 minute intervals, and the last one for 12 hour intervals. This may prove extremely useful while attempting to time certain events and when trying to manage office tasks more efficiently.

The watch also has a tachymeter on the inner bezel, which may make the watch look more intimidating to some individuals. However, no one should fear the tachymeter as it is a useful addition to this watch making the man wearing it appear to be more sophisticated and intelligent. If anyone asks what its function is just scoff and exclaim it is a tachymeter my boy what do else do you think it is for!

This timepiece was engineered with the active man lifestyle in mind. It features water resistance up to 100 M or 330 feet for those not on the metric system. This means that you can take showers and baths with the watch still attached to your wrist. That swimming pool in your friends backyard? You can jump into that without worrying about forgetting to pick up your watch on the way out of the pool. In fact you could probably even go diving with this watch; it is that dependable. The watch also features Invicta’s patented flame-fusion crystal face, which gives an added defense against scratches and impacts. The watch itself feels unbreakable and with the flame-fusion technology it really is.

Invicta 1009 watch on a wrist

Oh what's that? It's time to get an Invicta!

The Invicta II Blue Dial Chronograph is a truly impressive watch. It takes the unimpressive silver found in many different watches and infuses color, which livens it up. Most companies would be unable to market such a product, but Invicta does it flawlessly. This watch can stand up to Rolex’s and surpass them in terms of being fashionable. At a retail price of only $595, why aren’t you already wearing an Invicta?

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