28 Aug 2012

Men’s S1 Chronograph Blue Dial Black Polyurethane Chronograph

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Written By: Oliver Hong

If you’re expecting the usual silver stainless steel watch that Invicta usually comes out with, you’re in for a surprise. The Invicta S1 is definitely one of Invicta’s ventures off the beaten path. If you’re looking for a watch with a slick, modern design, you should give the S1 a look.

This watch features:

  • Swiss Movement

  • Stainless steel and rubber case

  • 60 second, 60 minute and 5 minute subdials

  • Water resistance up to 330 feet

The first impression you get from this watch is that it looks like it belongs in the dashboard of a sports car. The silver screws around the black case also provide a nice accent to this slick watch. The subdials look like they measure speed more than they do time, which is a really neat design that goes along with the “Sports car” asesthetic they’re going for.

The watch is small, light, and has that aerodynamic that makes you think that you just strapped a sports car around your wrist. It’s unique design will certainly catch the eyes of your friends. It’s design makes up for it’s size, which seems a bit small, but the fact of the matter is, you’re going to notice this watch when you wear it, and others will too.

The Invicta 5690 is a big sports watch, but it’s slick design makes up for it’s bulkiness.

This watch has a pretty reasonable price online. You can find this watch on Amazon for about $169.00, which is standard for this caliber of watch. As with all Invicta Watches, the S1 comes with a 1 year warranty, with an option to extend that warranty to 5 years for $25.00 more.

If you’re looking for an eye catching watch with a price that won’t make your wallet weep, consider the Invicta S1. It’s interesting design will make it a great watch to wear for any occasion.

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