20 Jun 2012

Review of Men’s Invicta II 6861 Watch

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The Invicta II Stainless Steel Quartz watch with a dark green dial is elegant and fashionable. It’s bold design will fit well with any style and suit.

This watch is equipped with a stainless steel casing, 45 millimeters in diameter and 13 millimeters in thickness, a flame-fusion crystal and quartz movement. The band is 22 millimeters in width. The date is shown at 3:00 with a magnified window and it is water resistant up to 330 feet. This is an attractive, comfortable watch with a gorgeous emerald green hue that is affordable for everyone!

The Invicta II 6861 is a great everyday watch that works perfectly with business/work attire. Its class and bold design set it apart from its price range competition. It has a refined appeal while maintaining a rugged, masculine look. At $395 this watch is a bargain, especially as it is often on sale for much cheaper.

Many features of this watch will simply come down to preference. The Invictus II has been described as chunky and it can be a bit heavy and large. However, even if you prefer a smaller, lighter watch, it will nonetheless be a wonderful addition to your collection. The dark green dial is very dark. The green really only comes out in direct sunlight. Otherwise, the band looks black. For me, the emerald green is one of the more intriguing aspects to this watch and it may be misleadingly dark for many people tastes. For those looking for a more classy watch, this also may not suit your desire. It is a refined watch but its class is balanced out with more of an everyday watch feel. With a keen eye, you can tell the material quality of the band is a folded steel. For a quartz watch the accuracy is quite good. It losses about 3 seconds every two weeks.

All Invictus II products come in the standard, original packaging and all come with the WatchesOnNet warranty. Being covered for 24 months is a great deal. If need be, the professional watchmakers will perform repairs.

The Invicta II Stainless Steel Quartz watch with a dark green dial is an affordable and elegant watch. The fact that this Invictus is affordable makes it a great inexpensive gift for friends, weddings, graduations, birthdays, promotions and the holidays. Otherwise, it will make a great addition to any watch collection.

Written by Dan Michels

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