Men’s Corduba Black Dial 18k Gold Plated Black Leather Quartz (1111)

Written by Quinn M. Redfield The Invicta Corduba Black Dial 18K Gold-Plated Black Leather Quartz (1111) Timepeice is a stylish, high contrast men’s watch that adds just the right amount of flash to any wardrobe. It’s gold on black color scheme is quite catching without being too flashy. It’s the perfect casual watch for a.. read more →

Invicta Corduba Oversized Chronograph Men’s Watch 3449 Review

Written by: Cathy Tenzo   Let’s face it–sometimes size really does matter, and the Invicta Corduba Oversized Chronograph Men’s Watch 3449 is a quality men’s chronograph with an audacity of scale that is not for the faint of heart or the small of wrist. This is a great choice for the man that wants a.. read more →

Invicta Men’s Corduba Chronograph 6916 Review

Written by: Jared Johnsen Ready for both travel adventure and casual play, the Invicta Men’s Corduba 6916 is a great watch to have riding your wrist. This timepiece is not only designed to fit a range of leisure activities, but the large black dial is housed behind an oversized 55mm flame-fusion crystal. If you’re as.. read more →

Invicta Women’s Corduba White Mother of Pearl 18k Gold Plated Quartz

Written by: Holly Troupe Over-Sized watches, also known as “Chunky” or “Boyfriend” watches are all the rage among the taste-making elite. These burly pieces resemble bracelets more than timepieces due to the fact that they are typically worn loosely, allowing them to swivel around the wrist with a satisfying bauble-y clinking sound. Invicta’s Corduba White Mother.. read more →